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At the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), we’re committed to transforming health and well-being with our people-first approach to buildings, organizations and communities. Since the launch of our WELL Building Standard (WELL) in 2014, 2,000+ companies, including over 100 of the Fortune 500, have adopted WELL as an evidence-based roadmap for scaling health across their organization.

The WELL Building Standard (WELL)

WELL applies the science of how physical and social environments affect human health, well-being and performance. Developed over 10 years and backed by the latest scientific research, WELL outlines key building-level and organizational strategies across 10 categories.

WELL Ratings

Take a targeted approach by focusing on a subset of WELL strategies that address specific themes such as, health, safety and performance.

WELL Health-Safety Rating

An evidence-based, third-party verified pathway for addressing acute health threats, including COVID-19 and beyond.

WELL Performance Rating

An evidence-based, third-party verified pathway for measuring, benchmarking and improving building performance to support human health and well-being.

WELL Equity Rating

An evidence-based, third-party verified pathway for taking action toward diversity, equity and inclusion goals and driving improvements in company culture and employee health.

WELL Community Standard

Expanded to the neighborhood scale, the WELL Community Standard applies the principles of WELL to a larger footprint with the goal of creating fully integrated and health-focused communities.

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Putting what we know into what we practice


Benefits all types of people, especially those who need it the most


Provides solutions that are applicable in countries around the world


Incorporates the latest science and public health research

Technically Robust

Confirms achievement through rigorous third-party review

Customer Focused

Prioritizes customer success through personalized technical support


Evolves overtime to incorporate new findings